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Renewable Energy
Air Liquide in the value chain
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Hydrogen-fueled forklifts and pallet jacks

Hydrogen-powered forklifts employing advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology will make an operation of any size more efficient and cost effective. By eliminating the need for battery recharging and servicing, hydrogen-powered forklifts deliver a 2 to 5 percent productivity gain versus traditional vehicles powered by lead acid batteries.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles can be refueled on-site in less than four minutes. Hydrogen fuel cells can be retrofitted into existing forklift trucks in the space required by lead acid batteries. The required infrastructure can be easily integrated into existing space using small-footprint refueling stations.



In addition to bulk hydrogen supply, Air Liquide installs and maintains the required hydrogen fueling infrastructure –  including filling stations, hydrogen storage vessels and related equipment – at your site. We design customized solutions for your operation to ensure convenience, efficiency and savings.