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About us

Responsible Care®

Our commitment to health, safety, security and the environment

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s commitment to the safe, responsible, sustainable management of chemicals throughout their entire life cycle and for their intended end use.

For matters related to health, safety, security, environment or Responsible Care® commitments, contact us by phone at 713-438-6721 or by email.

In 2013 the American Chemistry Council launched an enhanced, stronger Responsible Care® program that included an enhanced focus on operational energy efficiency and waste minimization, reuse, and recycling along with new Product Safety and Process Safety Codes.

Air Liquide is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthful workplace for our employees and to being a responsible, environmentally friendly neighbor to the communities in which we operate and live. Our management system is independently certified by a third-party to ensure continued conformance to the requirements of Responsible Care® and supports our efforts for continuous improvement.

To find out more about Responsible Care®, please visit the American Chemistry Council’s webpage.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Chemistry is essential to the products and services that help make our lives safer, healthier and better. Through the Responsible Care initiative, Air Liquide Large Industries has made a commitment to improve our environmental, health, safety and security performance. Accordingly, we believe and subscribe to the following principles:

  • Lead our companies in ethical ways that increasingly benefit society, the economy and the environment.
  • Design and develop products that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of or recycled safely.
  • Work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe and secure use, transport and disposal of chemicals and provide hazard and risk information that can be accessed and applied in their operations and products.
  • Design and operate our facilities in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.
  • Instill a culture throughout all levels of our organizations to continually identify, reduce and manage process safety risks.
  • Promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste and conservation of energy and other critical resources at every stage of the life cycle of our products.
  • Cooperate with governments at all levels and organizations in the development of effective and efficient safety, health, environmental and security laws, regulations and standards.
  • Support education and research on the health, safety, environmental effects and security of our products and processes.
  • Communicate product, service and process risks to our stakeholders and listen to and consider their perspectives.
  • Make continual progress towards our goal of no accidents, injuries or harm to human health and the environment from our products and operations and openly report our health, safety, environmental and security performance.
  • Seek continual improvement in our integrated Responsible Care Management System® to address environmental, health, safety and security performance.
  • Promote Responsible Care by encouraging and assisting others to adhere to these guiding principles.
Safety is Air Liquide's core value

Commitment to Process Safety

As a Responsible Care® member company, Air Liquide commits to the safe operation of our processing facilities by:

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive process safety management system to manage risk and improve performance.
  • Providing all employees with the necessary knowledge, expertise, tools and training to manage process risks in their operations.
  • Holding employees accountable for process safety performance and allocating adequate resources to achieve performance expectations.

Commitment to health, safety, environmental, transportation and security excellence

Air Liquide America recognizes that outstanding Health, Safety, Environmental, Transportation and Security (HSES) performance is a critical component of business excellence and that conformance with HSES requirements will enhance a safe working environment for all employees, visitors, and contractors (stakeholders). The goal of zero accidents, environmental incidents, notices of violation and significant security incidents is a company objective.

To achieve this objective, we commit to the following:

  • Enforcement of Air Liquide's 12 Life Saving Rules.
  • Protecting the public and our employees from identifiable and foreseeable risk related to our operations.
  • Conformance, at a minimum, with all applicable federal, state and local HSES and DOT laws and regulations.
  • Setting both location and individual HSES objectives.
  • Promoting employee involvement in the HSES process.
  • Ensure employees have adequate resources and tools to perform their jobs safely.
  • Identify and address hazards in a timely fashion in order to minimize the impact to our employees, visitors, and contractors (stakeholders).
  • Investigating accidents, near miss, and security incidents to determine the root cause, maximize learning, and prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that new processes and changes to existing processes, procedures, and equipment are reviewed and the HSES impacts are evaluated and addressed.
  • Commit to reducing professional and non-professional employee related vehicle accidents.
  • Commit to pollution prevention, source reduction, and waste minimization.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of our HSES policies for effectiveness and to ensure continuous improvement.

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Commitment to Product Safety

As a Responsible Care® member company, Air Liquide commits to the safe management of our products by:

  • Evaluating and characterizing the potential health and environmental risks of our products and establishing practices to mitigate those risks to our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Maintaining information on HSES impacts, intended uses and exposures for new and existing products
  • Communicating these impacts along the value chain to our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

GHS and Safety Data Sheets

In 2012, ​the ​OSHA ​Hazard Communication Program was revised to meet the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)​ with a deadline of June 1, 2015.​ Globally, GHS has provided a set of rules for classifying hazards, developing product labels, and creating Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for hazardous materials used throughout the world​.

To meet the OSHA deadline, Air Liquide re-authored all former Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to the new GHS formatted SDS​ and continues to create new SDSs for all our products. Information on Air Liquide products are provided on our SDS. These contain the chemical and physical properties of the products, possible hazards, first aid measures, actions in case of fire or accidental release. Also included is information on handling, storage and protective equipment as well as details relating to transport, labeling requirements and disposal.

Click here to find the safety data sheets that you require. If you have any trouble in opening this link or downloading documents please contact us at