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Renewable Energy
Air Liquide in the value chain
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Waste to renewable energy

We are developing innovative technologies that use waste to generate renewable energy and cleaner fuels in a sustainable way. Agriculture and household waste naturally generate raw biogas, a renewable energy source. Air Liquide technologies can capture raw biogas released into the atmosphere and convert it into energy that can be substituted directly for fossil fuel gas and then used to produce heat, electricity and clean fuels.

Carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are removed from raw biogas (mainly comprised of methane and carbon dioxide) by selective permeation through a hollow fiber membrane. The driving force is the partial pressure difference across the membrane for each gas component. 



In addition to bulk hydrogen supply, Air Liquide installs and maintains the required hydrogen fueling infrastructure –  including filling stations, hydrogen storage vessels and related equipment – at your site. We design customized solutions for your operation to ensure convenience, efficiency and savings.