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Automotive Value Chain
Air Liquide in the value chain


Sintered mechanical components are commonly produced in continuous furnaces. Sintering operations are carried out in several strongly interconnected steps. For each step, a specific atmosphere composition must be implemented in order to make the process succeed:

  • Step 1: An oxidizing atmosphere increases lubricant removal
  • Step 2: An active reducing non-decarburizing atmosphere is generated in the hot zone for a good sintering operation
  • Step 3: A protective reducing atmosphere in the cooling zone is generated to prevent oxidation and to obtain a bright surface aspect

Air Liquide has developed the capability to master the atmosphere composition in each zone through a zoning technology. The atmosphere in each zone can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the different components to be treated. Air Liquide is able to supply complete installation to deliver high purity nitrogen, hydrogen or hydrocarbon mixture with flow control panel and safety monitoring. 



Our ALNAT solutions for heat treatment applications include bulk gas supply, related gas handling equipment, and a range of services related to the generation, use and control of atmospheres in industrial heat processing furnaces.