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Remove unwanted contaminants

Traps from Air Liquide remove unwanted contaminants from specialty gases before they reach your instrument. They also indicate contamination in the gas stream. Traps are typically used to remove oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons, and they may be indicating or nonindicating.

Available products

Disposable Oxygen Traps
Model 43L
Disposable oxygen traps from Air Liquide are a one-piece anodized aluminum canister containing highly active metal with an inert supported reagent. These oxygen traps are filled under a heated flow of ultra-high-purity helium, eliminating the need for extensive purging prior to GCMS operation.


Indicating Oxygen Traps
Model 43T
Model 43T indicating oxygen traps remove 30 cubic centimeters of oxygen before the catalyst is completely expended. They contain an extremely active reagent that changes color from a pale green to a deep brown as the catalyst becomes saturated.


Glass Moisture Traps
Model 44G
These traps were developed as a method to indicate moisture removal while eliminating the use of reactive plastics that can contribute to unacceptable background levels for extremely sensitive detectors. Glass moisture ttraps are recommended for electron capture.


Hydrocarbon Traps

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Hydrocarbon Traps
Model 44H
Model 44H traps are designed for vapor phase applications such as gas chromatography. They contain a very highly active and fine pore structure, with high density and volume activity. In addition, they have a coconut shell based activated carbon that is prepurged prior to packaging to remove any traces of moisture.


Indicating Moisture Traps
Model 44R
Indicating moisture traps from Air Liquide remove water, oil and organics from gases commonly employed in, but not limited to, gas chromatography. These moisture traps contain both the 13X molecular sieve and indicating molecular sieve 4A, which are the highest capacity molecular sieves available and the preferred adsorbent for general gas drying.