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Stainless Steel Regulators

Safely reduce pressure in corrosive gas service

Stainless steel gas pressure regulators are designed for use with corrosive specialty gases and provide outstanding performance in applications involving high delivery pressure where maintaining gas purity is essential. Single-stage is recommended where inlet pressure does not vary greatly or where periodic readjustment of delivery pressure setting does not present a problem. Two-stage is ideal when constant delivery pressure is desired.

Available products

Ultra-High-Purity Pressure Regulators
Models 213 and 215
These gas pressure regulators have stainless steel diaphragms that minimize diffusion of air into the regulator and eliminate offgassing.


Tied-Diaphragm Pressure Regulators
Models 217 and 2172
Models 217 and 2172 tied-diaphragm gas pressure regulators resist attack from strong acid-forming gases and facilitate safe handling of corrosive, toxic and reactive gases with inlet pressures of up to 3000 psig (207 bar). Great for semiconductor applications.


Tied-Diaphragm Pressure Regulators with Cross Purge 
Tied-diaphragm gas pressure regulators with cross purge assemblies are designed to resist attack from strong acid-forming gases. The cross purge assembly has three diaphragm packless valves and a check valve that are utilized during inert gas purging operations.