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Special Application Regulators

Safely reduce pressure

Air Liquide knows that your requirements vary and that is why we offer a large selection of gas pressure regulators to safely reduce pressure for any application.

Available products

Model 19VOC
Model 19VOC regulators are designed for applications that require analysis down to the parts per million (ppt) level of volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminants. They are recommended wherever low parts per million (ppm) to parts per trillion (ppt) reactive calibration mixtures or ultra-high purity carrier or zero gases are used.




Low Internal Volume Pressure Regulators 
Models 206 and 216
Models 206 and 216 are designed for portable calibration and analyzer applications, these regulators are available in both stainless steel and brass. Low internal volumes allow for rapid purging. Model 206 is a single-stage regulator with an internal volume of 3.03 cc, while the Model 216 is a two-stage regulator with an internal volume of only 8.6 cc. Use the Model 216 when constant delivery pressure is desired.




High-Flow Pressure Regulators
Model 228
Available in brass and stainless steel, these single-stage pressure regulators are designed for high-flow applications that are capable of flow rates in excess of 60 SCFM.




Tied-Diaphragm Pressure Regulators 
Model 237
Model 237 tied-diaphragm pressure regulators have been successfully used with acid-forming gases such as hydrogen chloride and boron trifluoride. Constructed of aluminum silicon bronze, they demonstrate superior corrosion-resistant properties for demanding gases in high-purity applications.




Adjustable Flow Pressure Regulators
Model 247A80
Model 247A80 gas pressure regulator has a built-in adjustable orifice setting, allowing the user to change the flow rates by rotating the knob. As a single-stage regulator, it’s designed to be used in either high or low-pressure applications.




Ultra-High-Flow Pressure Regulators
Model 500
Model 500 dome-loaded gas pressure regulators are designed for direct installation to cryogenic vaporizer systems to provide ultra-high downstream flows while maintaining constant delivery pressure.




Low Delivery Pressure Regulators for Corrosive and Noncorrosive Service
Model 750
Model 750 pressure regulators have metal diaphragms and provide highly accurate delivery pressures of 0.2 to 2 psig (0.01 – 0.1 bar) for inlet pressures as high as 3000 psig (206 bar). The large effective diaphragm sensing area provides quick response, accurate and dependable regulation, and long service life.




Back-Pressure Regulators
Model 2800
Model 2800 high-purity back-pressure regulators control internal pressure in an instrumented system.