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Improve safety, save time, save money

Our exclusive SMARTOP valve simplifies gas handling while improving safety in the workplace.

This valve’s positive ON/OFF lever allows you to open and close the valve in a single action, preventing wasted gas as with partially closed traditional-style valves.

SMARTOP allows the cylinder content to be readily displayed without a gas pressure regulator attached, leading to gas and cost savings. Visual ID of the valve status also prevents valves from being left open during breaks and off-business hours.


SMARTOP: a safe, convenient and innovative cylinder valve from Air Liquide for specialty gases

Compressed gas cylinders with SMARTOP valves also come with an ergonomic open cap that allows customers to safely and quickly move and handle compressed gas cylinders with greater ease. This open cap also eliminates the need to remove or replace cylinder caps.

SMARTOP is available with ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases and ARCAL™ brand industrial gases, and works perfectly with all single and two-stage gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide.