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On-site services

On-Site Services

At Air Liquide, we work hard to provide best-in-class services to meet your needs. Our field service teams offer a full spectrum of on-site services. We design, install and manage gas supply systems, storage infrastructure and gas handling equipment. Our on-site services provide process expertise to help enhance the productivity, product quality and safety of your operations.

Process analysis and optimization

Supported by the resources and know-how of a worldwide network of experts, our local specialists provide on-site technical support, value-added analysis and process audits to help optimize your operations. We will assist you with identifying and implementing customized solutions that enhance safety, reliability and performance efficiency while reducing operating costs. Through our process optimization service, lower costs may be achieved through:

  • Minimizing process losses
  • Higher production rates
  • Throughput and yield improvements
  • Streamlining production
  • Quality improvements
  • Improved time-on-tools
  • Supply chain optimization

If you are working with specialty gases, Air Liquide’s i-SEE gas handling surveys are geared to improve on-the-job safety and efficiency. Our equipment group will visit your facility, evaluate your specialty gas application, and recommend safe and cost-effective improvements at the point of use. Request your no-obligation cylinder gas and equipment safety survey today.

Installation and start-up support

Our experienced engineers and technicians have years of know-how and experience in providing installation and start-up support for a diverse customer base. We understand that managing industrial gases involves multiple roles: logistics, maintenance, accounting, tools and equipment, and most importantly, safety. Our team of experts will be there to support you throughout the installation and start-up process.

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Procurement and delivery of equipment
  • Installation of infrastructure for storage vessels (including concrete foundation, fence, bollards and more)
  • Cryogenic liquid storage tanks, vaporizer connections and piping
  • Integrity and leak detection tests upon installation
  • Configuration of electrical and exhaust requirements

As part of our start-up support service, we offer a variety of training programs that combine both theory and practice to provide the critical skills and know-how to operate gas and cryogenic equipment safely and efficiently.

Inspection and maintenance

Our support services do not end after installation and start-up. We provide maintenance and periodic performance assessments to ensure optimal safety and productivity.

In addition, we help our clients manage their gas supply through:

  • Optimized inventory management and cylinder tracking
  • Automatic re-ordering and tank-level monitoring for bulk supply using cell-powered wireless telemetry units
  • Telemonitored performance tracking for on-site gas generation

In many cases we also offer 24/7 assistance and express ordering.