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i-SEE safety gas handling surveys from Air Liquide help ensure safe delivery of your specialty gases to the application.

Safety and Compliance

An unwavering commitment to workplace safety

Safety is one of Air Liquide’s core values. Our unwavering commitment to safety extends to helping customers ensure safety and compliance throughout their operations.

Industrial and specialty gases must always be handled with the utmost care. If not handled properly, gases under high pressure may pose serious health and safety hazards. Over the course of our more than 110-year history of supplying specialty and industrial gases, we have developed unparalleled expertise in the safe handling of gases. Based on this experience, we offer guidelines and training on proper gas handling procedures to help you ensure safety while using our products.

Air Liquide works with our customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe and secure handling, transport and disposal of our products. We also provide hazard and risk information that can be applied to your operations and products. Our commitment extends to pipeline operations as well. Pipeline safety is integral to our safety and compliance programs. 

Putting safety first

Air Liquide offers the following services: