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DATAL ALert Cylinder Gas and Liquid Management System from Air Liquide


Continuously monitor your cylinder gas assets

Web-based, real-time wireless cylinder gas and liquid management system

Air Liquide’s web-based gas management telemetry system provides you with an accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective means of tracking your cylinder gas usage.

DATAL ALert gives you more control than ever before, allowing you to continuously monitor your cylinder gas assets while they are in use. You decide when to schedule replacement cylinders or allow Air Liquide to take care of replenishing your gas supply – automatically.
Benefits and features:
  • Real time online cylinder content data updates the remaining quantity deliverable
  • Instantaneous pressure and liquid level data and trend reports
  • User-defined, remotely accessible low-level alert set points
  • Alerts and reports via fax, email and web browser
  • Automatic “hands-off” product reorders available
  • GPS location mapping of cylinders in use
  • myAIRLIQUIDE interface provides Certificates of Accuracy (COA) for Scott™ gas mixtures, product specs and lot numbers for ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases, cylinder history, delivery and reordering information
Complete remote telemetry solution

DATAL ALert combines cellular and internet technologies to seamlessly collect, analyze, format, transmit and report your critical cylinder gas data 24/7 through our customized web application. Reports and messaging are available via email, fax and web browser.

You can also predict gas usage to help minimize your on-site inventory of cylinder gases and receive notification when gases reach predetermined levels.

DATAL ALert electronic components feature low-power wireless telemetry technology. They can be powered from internal primary batteries, solar panels and rechargeable batteries or directly from external power supplies, ranging from 6 to 60 volts DC or 115 and 230 volts AC. This eliminates the possibility of power failures. A heated power supply option is available for use in extremely cold climates in order to maintain proper operation of LCD displays and the internal battery.

DATAL ALert uses various networks such as GSM, Reflex and Vistar Satellite or WiFi to communicate cylinder gas usage information from the field. A system can be configured to handle up to 12 cylinders on a single data port module and can be accessed remotely via computer and tablet. Additional modules can be connected either wirelessly or hard-wired.

DATAL ALert: Web-based, real-time cylinder gas and liquid management system

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