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Innovative cylinder tracking solution

SCOUT cylinder tracking is the engine behind our customer portal myAIRLIQUIDE. It works behind the scenes, accumulating important historical and current cylinder data. This data in turn enables us to provide you with the opportunity to more effectively manage your specialty gas cylinder assets.

myAIRLIQUIDE powered by SCOUT empowers you to:

  • Maintain accurate cylinder inventory
  • Track cylinders over multiple locations
  • Ensure correct invoice and credit transactions
  • Reduce cylinder rental charges
  • Optimize just-in-time delivery
  • Receive cylinder expiration email alerts for custom mixtures and protocols
SCOUT eliminates the uncertainty and clerical errors normally associated with old-fashioned paperwork.

In addition, SCOUT uses cylinder bar coding, WiFi and BlueTooth technologies, enabling us to provide you with real-time cylinder inventory information, plus up-to-the-minute accurate cylinder delivery and location status.

In addition to all this, reconditioned cylinders and valves may contain chemicals that can affect a mixture’s stability. Changing cylinder service from one type of mix to another can also contaminate a cylinder. When it comes to gas mixtures, either scenario can seriously degrade even the best prepared mixture before its expiration date. The unhappy end result is that you get less than what you paid for.

We can help prevent this - we’ve been barcoding and tracking our cylinders with SCOUT for over 20 years. Consequently, prior cylinder use is a non-issue at Air Liquide. Before we fill a cylinder, any cylinder, we know as much as is possible to know about the gases the cylinder in question has contained.

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