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Regulator Maintenance

Prolong regulator service life

Regulator maintenance is an important part of maximizing your system’s performance and extending the service life of your regulator. Adherence will minimize downtime and enhance safety in your work area.


For noncorrosive or corrosive service, download our Regulator Selection Guide to help you select the correct regulator for your application.

Recommended Schedule

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for the maintenance and frequency of leak checks, creep checks, purging, overhaul and replacement of your gas pressure regulator. If a regulator is not properly installed and used, or a poor grade of gas is used, or purging is not properly done, overhaul and/or replacement may be required more frequently. Please contact the Equipment Group at Air Liquide via email or at 800.654.2784 for more information.

Leak Check

With the regulator under pressure, check all connections using Snoop®. Shut down the gas source if you detect a leak, reduce atmospheric pressure and tighten or redo the connection. If you are using toxic or corrosive gases, you must purge the connection first with an inert gas. Then retest.

Creep Test

Regulator creep is a phenomenon in which delivery pressure rises above the setpoint and occurs two ways:

  • Changes to the motion of the regulator springs when gas flow is stopped
  • Foreign material becoming lodged between the poppet and seat, preventing tight shutoff

Inert Purge

In order to maintain cylinder integrity and obtain optimum performance, ALL regulators should be purged. For best results, utilize dilution purging –alternating pressurizing and depressurizing of the regulator with purge gas helps eliminate internal dead pockets that tend to hold contaminants.


Remove all regulators from service periodically and contact your Air Liquide representative to arrange for inspection and overhaul.


Once the life expectancy of a regulator has been exceeded, it should be replaced to protect against unexpected failure.

Contact Air Liquide for more information on purging methods and regulator maintenance.