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pH balancing in carbon dioxide based paper machines

Carbon dioxide can safely replace acids such as sulfuric acid, alum or sulfur dioxide in paper machines. The use of carbon dioxide enables better pH control and helps to reduce corrosion, and is very easy to implement.



Air Liquide’s DATAL™ gas management telemonitoring services are offered alongside our bulk gas supply solutions. Our unique proprietary computerized systems connect to your bulk tank installations to monitor levels and initiate automatic reordering.


Why choose us?

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    Industry leader

    Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide that are essential to pulp and paper manufacturers.

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    Water treatment experts

    Our industry experts will help you implement wastewater treatment solutions 

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    Customizable solutions

    Our teams will work with you to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective gas supply mode based on your purity, flow, volume and safety requirements.

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    Local support

    We will manage all aspects of your gas supply, from ordering to storage to handling. 

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    Safety and reliability

    Air Liquide’s on-site support representatives will help ensure safe, efficient and reliable supply of gases that are essential to your operations