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High-Pressure Piston Regulators

Safely reduce pressure

Designed for both corrosive and noncorrosive gas service, these piston regulators from Air Liquide are capable of handling high flow and high pressures, safely delivering specialty gas to your point of use.

Available products

High-Delivery Pressure Regulators
Model 208

This high-delivery gas pressure regulator provides high-pressure delivery of both corrosive and noncorrosive specialty gases under high inlet pressure conditions.


Very High-Flow Piston Regulators
Model 229

Model 229 piston-type regulators are designed for very high-flow applications, and for both noncorrosive and corrosive service.


High-Pressure Piston Regulators
Model 2900

These piston regulators, available in brass and stainless steel, are designed to handle high inlet pressures up to 6,000 psig (414 bar). The stainless steel version handles high inlet pressures up to 10,000 psig (690 bar). Both are recommended for manufacturing and gas filling process applications.