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Extensive industrial gas network for safe, reliable and flexible supply

Air Liquide owns and operates more than 2,000 miles of industrial gas pipelines in the U.S., supplying mainly oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and syngas in large quantities from multiple production sources to major customers in the chemicals, petrochemicals, refining and steel industries.

pipeline map

Robust supply network

Air Liquide supplies primarily nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen to more than 350 pipeline customers. We own and operate an extensive pipeline network along the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana.

With a deep commitment to safety and operational excellence in everything we do, our extensive experience in and knowledge of pipeline operations helps ensure the safe and reliable supply of gases essential to your continuous or batch operations. 

Our pipeline operations and industrial gas production facilities are closely monitored 24/7 within our leading-edge operations control center located in Houston, Texas. 




Related Industries

Air Liquide’s pipeline network supplies industrial gases to the chemicals, steel manufacturing and the downstream oil and gas industry, including the refining and petrochemical sectors.