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Particle size reduction

Particle size reduction of APIs and excipients plays an important role in finished drug product performance and quality, with an impact on dissolution, bioavailability, content uniformity, and stability.

Cryogenic grinding, or cryo-grinding, involves cooling a material to low or very low temperatures with a cryogenic fluid (typically liquid nitrogen) in order to produce particles with a narrow size distribution. Cryogenic technology makes it possible to process soft or heat-sensitive products more efficiently and without the risk of thermal degradation. As materials become brittle, fine powders can be obtained easily and with a minimum expenditure of energy. Micronization, using gaseous nitrogen to create high particle velocity and high-energy impact between particles, can also be used to reduce and control particle size and improve product homogeneity. The resulting inert atmosphere further protects your products from oxidation, potential clumping due to atmospheric moisture, and reduces dust explosion risks.


We supply pure gases and gas mixtures in a range of volumes to meet your needs. Multi-compendial nitrogen meeting the monograph specifications of the three major pharmacopoeias (USP-NF, Ph. Eur., and JP) is available in certain locations.


Our iDATAL web-based gas management telemetry system provides you with an accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective means of tracking your cylinder gas usage. In addition, we provide gas handling safety expertise and a range of resources, including Certificates of Analysis (CoA) upon request.



Why choose us?

  • 01

    Industry expertise

    We address the complexities of your industry by supplying reliable, high purity gas products and secure gas supply methods. 

  • 02

    Customizable solutions

    Our advanced expertise in temperature control, inerting and gas-liquid mixing applications enable us to supply innovative and customized solutions to the entire supply chain.

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    Engineering support

    You can count on the expertise of our engineers to help design the gas installation and supply mode that best fits your needs.

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    Due to the complexity of your work and the strict regulatory environment, we will work closely with you to understand and meet your quality and compliance requirements through quality assurance, traceability and process control.

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    Quality control

    We have developed a range of gas products specifically for manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and drug products. Our high-purity gases are traceable and delivered with certificates of analysis and conformity.

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    Reliable supply

    Thanks to Air Liquide's unique cold-chain logistic solutions, your products remain stable and undamaged due to thermo-regulated point-to-point transportations.