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Oil and Gas
Air Liquide in the value chain

Petroleum analysis

Air Liquide supplies industrial gases, pure specialty gases, and Scott™ brand liquid and gas calibration mixtures to enhance reliability and provide precise calibration for accurate exploration and production development planning. Our patented cylinder treatment options ensure consistent and reliable accuracy and stability of your specialty gas, even for very low level sulfur components. These products are perfect for use in petroleum geochemistry, compositional analysis and sulfur compounds speciation.

Air Liquide also supplies Scott brand gaseous stable isotope mixtures to enhance the reliability of petroleum geochemistry analysis with precise calibration. Isotopic analysis maximizes the information obtained from each well, reservoir or field and helps you to carry out accurate exploration and production development planning. Our highly accurate calibration standards have a unique product range of multi-component gas calibration mixtures up to C5, with specific δ13C ratios available off-the-shelf. Our gaseous stable isotope pure gases and gas mixtures provide precise calibration to enhance the reliability of analysis when it is critical to measuring δ values accurately. Available in Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders, stable isotopic mixtures are dual function – they can serve as calibration gases for quantitative analysis of gas samples and/or as secondary or quality assurance standards for instrumental analysis of stable isotope samples.


Equipment for specialty gases

Equipment for industrial gases




Why choose us?

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    Turnkey solutions

    Our complete offer includes industrial and specialty gases as well as production technologies, gas handling equipment and on-site storage solutions for industrial gases. 

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    Leader in safety & compliance

    Safety is Air Liquide’s core value. We are committed to developing and supplying solutions that help improve process safety and protect the environment.

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    Local and global partner

    We are present in all regions the U.S., including remote locations. Worldwide, we are present in more than 90% of offshore supply bases, allowing us to work with our customers at every step.

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    Robust supply network

    Air Liquide’s flexible supply network includes 2,000+ miles of pipeline and 60+ industrial gas distribution depots. We also supply on-site production technologies. 

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    We deliver accurate, reliable calibration products with traceability to aid in compliance with ISO and fuel gas standards and EPA regulations, as well as DNV certified assets for offshore to achieve efficient process control.

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    Industry expertise

    Air Liquide has developed its expertise for over 100 years. Our dedicated R&D teams work to proactively meet the current and future challenges of the oil and gas industry, innovating constantly to meet the evolving needs of the industry.