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Oil and Gas
Air Liquide in the value chain

Turnarounds and major maintenance support

Air Liquide provides a full range of ARCAL™ welding gases, ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases, industrial nitrogen pumping and purge services, breathing air, bulk hydrocarbon gases and FLAMAL™ cutting gases to meet all your turnaround needs. Our extensive inventory of gas handling and distribution equipment allows you to safely store, handle and deliver these gases to your applications.


Equipment for industrial gases

Equipment for specialty gases


Total Gas Management Support from Air Liquide is the industry's most comprehensive industrial and specialty gas management solutions for routine operations and scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and turnaround support. This includes our nitrogen pumping services that helps you enjoy optimized safety while compressing overall project cycles and provides significant savings in manpower and downtime costs with reduced risks. Additionally, cylinder-related project gas management services help assure product availability and prompt removal of products at closure with full accountability for turnaround-related assets and costs.
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