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Oil and Gas
Air Liquide in the value chain


Air Liquide is the preferred hydrogen supplier to the largest and most complex refineries in the U.S. We deliver 500 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen per day to refinery sites located in the west and on the Gulf Coast.

Hydrogen supply highlights for Air Liquide in the U.S.:

  • Extensive hydrogen pipeline systems
  • 500 million standard cubic feet per day 
  • 6 world-scale steam methane reformers
  • 2.7 million barrels of oil per day processed by our customers


Air Liquide operates world-class steam methane reformers (SMR) producing hydrogen in multiple U.S. locations, including Corpus Christi, Pasadena and La Porte, Texas as well as El Segundo, Rodeo and Anacortes, California. We own and operates a robust hydrogen pipeline system that delivers massive volumes of product to some of the nation's leading refineries. 


Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions is a technology partner of choice for the design, engineering and construction of leading-edge facilities including steam methane reforming (SMR) units and HyOS syngas production units.