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Online ordering and cylinder management

Air Liquide’s integrated cloud computing features myAIRLIQUIDE (formerly SHOP) to give you expedient, hands-on access to all the tools you need to reduce labor intensive paperwork, decrease tedious record keeping, lower your costs of purchasing and minimize your on-site inventory of gases.

Click here to access myAIRLIQUIDE online ordering and inventory management system.

Whether you use our gases and equipment for research, regulatory compliance or process control, our cloud-based solutions put you on the fast track toward achieving greater profitability, and empower you to improve your end-product quality.

myAIRLIQUIDE is unlike any other specialty gas cylinder management tool you are likely to encounter. Based on SHOP@airliquide, the industry’s first and foremost cylinder management system developed by Air Liquide, myAIRLIQUIDE is an enhanced online portal that maintains all there is to know about the gases and liquids you use – including where and how fast you use them – and makes this information available to you on demand 24/7.

Use myAIRLIQUIDE to order cylinders, download invoices, check credit status, view cylinder balances or manage your cylinder inventory by serial number, and much more. With myAIRLIQUIDE, you’ll significantly reduce your purchasing cost, simplify your records keeping and minimize your on-site cylinder inventory. Plus you’ll never again lose track of critical documents such as Certificates of Accuracy and Safety Data Sheets.

Customers who already have an existing active account with Air Liquide may register online by clicking here. Registration is relatively quick and easy, with new accounts approved in 48 hours or less. Multiple accounts can be established with authority levels that you define.