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Mini-Mix™ Transportables

Reliable and convenient portable, nonreturnable cylinders

Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders (formerly SCOTTY) from Air Liquide provide ultra-pure gases and Scott™ brand high-accuracy calibration gases in a wide variety of nonreturnable cylinder sizes and volumes. High reliability and convenient size make them a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure cylinders whenever portability or limited gas quantities are needed. 

Why choose us

Convenient cylinder sizes

The nonrefillable, nonreturnable design of Air Liquide’s Mini-Mix Transportable gas cylinders provides substantial cost savings by eliminating cylinder rental and two-way shipping charges associated with refillable cylinders. Convenient gas cylinder sizes also allow you to purchase only the amount of gas your application requires. Moreover, Mini-Mix helps to minimize operating costs even further by enabling you to calibrate your measuring device quickly and accurately – the first time.

Highly portable

Whether you're working in a confined space or climbing the outside of a storage tank, Air Liquide has designed Mini-Mix cylinders so you can take them with you. They fit conveniently into most popular test packs and cases. Our exclusive two-cylinder Mini-Mix hard case is also available.

Increased stability for longer shelf life

Scott™ brand specialty gas mixtures with chemical characteristics that render them unstable are provided in Mini-Mix aluminum cylinders treated with our exclusive ACULIFE™ cylinder inerting processes. These cylinders guarantee stability for up to 12 months from the date of shipment (within the specified limits of accuracy*). Air Liquide also offers Mini-Mix regulators to help protect the purity and accuracy of these products

Improved safety and reliability

The proven accuracy and dependability of Air Liquide’s Mini-Mix Transportable products helps you precisely calibrate any instrument or measuring device without error. This helps to ensure precise measurement in the most demanding laboratory applications, a safer working environment for industrial hygiene and safety applications, and compliance with environmental monitoring regulations. Scott brand gas mixtures in Mini-Mix Transportables are extremely stable, preventing troublesome situations such as false positive readings on ambient area monitors.

Benefits and features:

  • No cylinder demurrage or rental expense
  • Lower shipping costs compared to large cylinders
  • Economical gas quantities for small applications
  • Go-anywhere portability for on-the-job convenience
  • Guaranteed accuracy and long-term stability increases dependability
  • Certificates of Accuracy available online improves administrative functionality
  • Gas handling equipment designed specifically for Mini-Mix cylinders is available

Related Equipment

Our gas pressure regulators designed for specialty gases in Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders are compact and perfect for controlling flow to any application where portability or small amounts of specialty gas is required.

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