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Metal Fabrication
Air Liquide in the value chain

MIG and TIG welding

Metal Inert Gas welding (MIG welding) is a semi-automated welding process that is widely used in shipbuilding, railroad construction and the production of heavy plants and machinery. The process melts and fuses metals using intense heat generated by an electric arc between the metals to be joined and a filler wire.

Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG welding) process – commonly used for joining stainless steels, aluminum and aluminum alloys – enables a very high quality of welding to be achieved in particularly demanding projects, such as pressure vessels, pipelines, food industry containers, and aircraft. The process uses an electric arc between the metals to be joined and an infusible tungsten-based electrode, located in the welding torch.


Equipment for industrial gases


As part of our gas and equipment offers, we will assist with survey and optimization of welding operations and procedures. 


Our ARCAL™ brand offers a full range of high-quality, ready-to-use shielding gas solutions for arc welding, root shielding, plasma cutting, TIG welding and MIG and MAG welding applications. 


Why choose us?

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    Diverse offer

    We offer gas cylinders in various volumes and concentrations and all associated gas handling equipment. We also supply bulk volumes and storage solutions, as well as on-site production technologies. 

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    Focus on quality

    Air Liquide manufactures gases in a range of purities to meet your needs. We can analyze for specific impurities based on your request.

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    A global network of industry experts is available to support you in developing solutions to meet your unique challenges. Our teams have extensive experience and expertise in assembly, surface treatment and cutting techniques. 

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    Air Liquide’s industry experts are backed by a global R&D network.

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    Our ARCAL, LASAL and FLAMAL gas solutions for metal fabrication were designed with the environment in mind, with reduced carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.