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Manifold and Delivery Systems

Efficient and safe gas distribution and control

Gas manifolds and gas delivery systems are a cost-effective and safe method of providing uninterrupted specialty gas supply to your application while also eliminating gas outages and premature cylinder changeout. Air Liquide offers a variety of gas manifolds, changeover and backup systems for any specialty gas application.

Custom gas delivery systems for all types of applications

The Equipment Group at Air Liquide specializes in the design of custom gas delivery systems and solutions that meet even the toughest application challenges. Our Equipment Specialists engineer a total gas delivery solution to:

  • Meet all of your performance requirements—regardless of complexity
  • Meet applicable local, state and federal safety codes
  • Use high-performance components from Air Liquide that provide years of trouble-free service
  • Preserve the purity and integrity of the pure or mixed gases critical to your application
  • Include provisions for safe storage and handling of gas cylinders

As the world’s largest supplier of pure and mixed specialty and industrial gases, we’ve learned there are three critical considerations when designing an effective gas delivery system. They are what turns a delivery system into a delivery solution that provides years of safe, efficient and trouble-free service, reduces your operating expense, and yields a faster payback of your initial investment.

Diligence during initial planning and in matching performance characteristics of individual components eliminates the need for expensive future problem solving. Meticulous planning ensures your finished system will meet all application requirements—with no limitations.

Using only time-tested equipment components from Air Liquide improves system reliability and decreases maintenance-related downtime. It also helps preserve the purity and integrity of the gases in use by eliminating the likelihood of contamination. For more details, click here to access our Design & Safety Handbook.

When performance, safety and ease-of-use are engineered into a project from its inception, the resulting gas delivery becomes an indispensable tool to help you remain competitive in today’s volatile business climate. A gas delivery solution from Air Liquide will not only help you save money by reducing unnecessary downtime, but our solutions will also allow you to apply tighter process control – increasing the value of your end product, reducing your operating costs and shortening your product time-to-market.