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Manifold Accessories

Maintain uninterrupted gas service

Gas manifolds from Air Liquide allow you uninterrupted gas service for your applications. Gas manifolds are designed to let you connect and exchange multiple cylinders of industrial gases in a safe and cost-effective manner. Gas manifold accessories such as brackets and connection fittings are also available.

Available products

Pipeline Protection Devices
Model IG-PPD
Pipeline protection devices incorporate dry-type flashback arresters, ASME relief valves and check valves. They are designed to meet requirements of NFPA 51 in fuel gas piping systems. Dry-type flash arresters are maintenance-free, do not require fluid, and provide continuous safe operation in fuel gas distribution systems.




Manifold Brackets
This L-shaped adjustable wall bracket for manifolds includes strap and nuts.




Manifold Connection Fittings
Models IG-F1340 and IG-F1350
Maximum inlet pressure for these fittings is 3000 psig.




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