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Developing innovative technologies

Air Liquide is the world leader in rare gases, including krypton. Our rare gas production and packaging facilities employ leading-edge technologies and advanced analytical equipment to produce customer-specific rare gas products like krypton. Air Liquide supplies krypton in many purity levels, from standard purity to ultra-high purity, for industrial, glass and lighting applications.

Insulated Glass for Windows

Air Liquide has worked with window manufacturers to help develop innovative technologies that improve the thermal and sound insulation characteristics of windows. Krypton is a better thermal insulator than air and three times less conductive. Its high density also reduces convection effects, further improving thermal insulation performance. Krypton also performs 50% better than air as a sound insulator. Air Liquide provides high-purity krypton that is ideally suited for insulated glass applications.


Krypton, neon and xenon are used with other gases in incandescent filament, fluorescent and discharge light bulbs to improve brightness, intensity, service life and color. Krypton mixed with xenon as a Scott™ brand specialty gas mixture is used in filament light bulbs to prolong light bulb life. Scott brand krypton mixed with xenon and neon as a specialty gas mixture creates higher color impact in fluorescent light bulbs. Krypton is also used in the flashes of some high-speed photography.

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Krypton Pure Gas Grades

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages pure krypton and Scott™ brand krypton gas mixtures in a variety of high-pressure cylinders, including stainless steel, aluminum and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders, depending on your application. Our robust cylinder distribution network helps to ensure reliable, on-time delivery of gases to meet your needs.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide manufactures a variety of gas handling equipment to deliver pure krypton and krypton gas mixtures safely to your point of use, including gas pressure regulators.