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High-purity isobutylene

Isobutylene is used as an intermediate in the production of a variety of products in the chemical industry. Air Liquide manufactures isobutylene as a pure gas with up to 99.9% purity, and as a component in various Scott™ brand specialty gas mixtures, including hydrocarbon mixtures and ASTM blends. Isobutylene in nonreturnable Mini-Mix™ Transportables offers smaller gas quantities for use in laboratory as well as industrial safety and hygiene applications.

  • Product Specifications

Isobutylene Pure Gas Grades
Isobutylene Gas Mixtures
Hydrocarbons Chromatagraphic Standards

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages isobutylene pure gases and gas mixtures in a variety of high-pressure and low-pressure cylinders, lecture bottles and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportables, depending on the grade of pure gas or mixture composition and your application.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment designed to deliver pure isobutylene or isobutylene gas mixtures safely to your point of use, including gas pressure regulators, valves and gas manifolds.