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High-Pressure Cylinders

The size and volume capacity to meet your needs

High-pressure cylinders are ideal to safely transport and use store compressed gases. Air Liquide offers many sizes of high-pressure gas cylinders and tube trailers made of aluminum and steel.

Convenient cylinder sizes

Air Liquide offers a variety of packaging options for both specialty gases and industrial gases. We provide numerous sizes of high-pressure compressed gas cylinders with various volume capacities for any application. Cylinder packs are also available for applications requiring multiple cylinders of compressed gas. In addition, Air Liquide offers liquid gas mixtures in high-pressure piston cylinders. For larger quantities of hydrogen and helium, high-pressure tube trailers are available. While most of our gas cylinders remain the property of Air Liquide, we also fill customer-owned cylinders provided they meet all appropriate safety requirements. Our cylinders are available in:

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Cylinder packs

  • Tube trailers

  • Piston cylinders

  • Competitive cylinder comparison

Related Equipment

Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment to help you safely handle gases in compressed gas cylinders, including carts, valves and connections, and more.

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