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Heated Pressure Regulators

Safely reduce pressure

Air Liquide knows that your gas delivery requirements vary. That is why we offer a large selection of gas pressure regulators, including vaporizing regulators that are designed to heat up and relieve or eliminate "freeze-up" problems that can occur during pressure reduction with some specialty gases like carbon dioxide. 

Available products

Electrically-Heated Vaporizing Regulators
Model 211H

Model 211H regulators are for noncorrosive, nonflammable service only. These vaporizing regulators are designed to relieve or eliminate "freeze-up" problems commonly experienced with applications using carbon dioxide supplied in high-pressure cylinders. They also help maintain gas or mixtures in the vapor state by supplying heat at the regulator control valve and constant pressure control.


Vaporizing Regulators
Model 241

These regulators are available steam-heated or electrically-heated. They are spring-loaded, pressure reducing regulators designed to heat and vaporize media before and after pressure reductions to keep condensable liquids in their gas phase.