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GMACS HCl Calibration Standards for HCl Monitoring

Introducing a New EPA-Approved Class of Calibration Standards for CEMS Installations

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Gas Manufacturer's Alternative Certified Standards

GMACS Solutions from Air Liquide Fill the Regulatory Void Caused by the Absence of
EPA Protocols

Identifying a growing need for calibration standards in order to comply with pending EPA regulations governing the monitoring of hydrogen chloride, Air Liquide petitioned the EPA to approve a new class of calibration gases named GMACS by the EPA. Acknowledging “the critical need for HCl calibration standards that are not available due to the absence of national or international reference materials to which protocols must be analytically and statistically traceable," the EPA approved the use of HCl GMACS products to calibrate HCl analyzers. GMACS fill the regulatory void caused by the absence of EPA Protocol gases for hydrogen chloride monitoring and provide accurate calibration standards for CEMS commissioning and QA—available now to meet impending PC MACT compliance date (September 2016)

Click here to read the complete EPA OAQPS approval letter for ALT-114.

Scott™ Brand GMACS

Scott brand GMACS are especially effective when used in conjunction with our new proprietary gas delivery panel complemented by our nitrogen purge and purification panel. Both panels were developed specifically for use with HCl gas mixtures.

GMACS are engineered calibration gases for stationary sources that are subject to compliance under the following EPA regulations:

  • 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart LLL (Portland Cement MACT)
  • 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart UUUUU (Utility MACT)
  • 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart DDDDD
  • 40 CFR Part 60 Subparts CCCC and DDDD
Scott Brand GMACS Hydrogen Chloride Calibration Standards from Air Liquidefor HCl Monitoring at CEMS Installations

Benefits and Features

Of Scott Brand GMACS

  • GRAVSTAT™ blending assures accurate NIST-traceable HCl addition
  • Confirming analysis shows full recovery/no loss of HCl
  • EPA-approved statistics calculate product uncertainties at ±4%
  • Dual-certification interlocking blend and analysis concentrations for added calibration accuracy
  • Exclusive ACULIFE™ cylinder inerting treatments ensure long-term stability of cylinder contents
  • Specially treated cylinder valves protect against corrosion
  • Exclusive delivery system ensures moisture-free delivery and rapid mixture stabilization times, ensuring significantly reduced gas consumption

Gas Handling Equipment

Turnkey solutions assure safe and accurate gas delivery

  • 1 and 3-station panels (Figure 1) available with bypass flow
  • HCl-specific low internal volume regulator
  • Exclusive valve purge/clean procedure
  • N2 purge and purification panel (Figure 2)
  • High-purity plated and stainless steel pressure regulators
  • Specially treated regulators and purge assemblies
  • Safety equipment and gas detectors
  • Cylinder storage and handling equipment
  • i-SEE™ on-site safety and operational best practice surveys


3-Cylinder Gas Delivery Panel for GMACS Hydrogen Chloride Calibration Standards from Air LIquide

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GMACS Hydrogen Chloride Calibration Standards from Air Liquide for HCl Monitoring at CEMS Installations

GMACS HCl Calibration Standards

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