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Gas Valves for Specialty Gases

Reliable and uniform gas flow

Air Liquide offers a variety of gas valves for all applications. If you use compressed pure gases or gas mixtures, you need reliable equipment to deliver gas from high-pressure cylinders to your point of use. Many systems and processes require the gas flow rate to be set to provide a uniform flow. Controlling the flow requires the use of gas valves to adjust the flow rate. Our gas valves are highly efficient and have long service lives – the hallmarks of all Air Liquide equipment. Next day shipping is available for most equipment items. 

Available Products

Flow Limit Safety Shutoff Valves
Model 1
These valves automatically shut off all flow from the gas cylinder when flow exceeds a factory preset level. Typically installed between the cylinder outlet and the inlet of the pressure regulator, they detect flow as a pressure drop across the preset internal orifice. When the preset differential pressure limit is reached, the valve closes with a snap action for a leak-tight seal.


Lecture Bottle Control Valves
Model 30
Specifically designed for use with lecture bottles, the Model 30 provides flow control but not pressure regulation. These angle and line-style valves are available in brass, stainless steel and Monel®, and have a CGA-110 inlet.


Manual Control Valves
Model 40
These valves offer an economical method of controlling gas flow directly from high-pressure gas cylinders when pressure regulation is not required. The valves do not provide automatic pressure control of regulators and closed systems can reach full cylinder pressure.


Miniature Needle Valves
Model 61
Model 61 valves are used in a wide variety of applications, including shutoff valves for specialty gases, noncritical vacuums for high-pressure service, instrument air lines, sampling lines for service with gas chromatography apparatus, and other laboratory or industry applications wherever good flow control is required.


NRS High-Accuracy Valves
Model 61NRA
Model 61NRA high-accuracy valves are designed for highly accurate adjustment of flow rates, especially those less than 1000 smL/m. The non-rising, non-rotating stem provides easy and smooth flow adjustments at very low flow rates. The stem/orifice assembly can be interchanged to provide different flow capacities. Available in stainless steel or brass, the maximum inlet pressure is 500 psig (35 bar).


Diaphragm Packless Valves 
Model 62
Model 62 diaphragm packless line valves are small compact valves that utilize metal diaphragms rather than stem packing to provide a positive seal. They are designed for high-purity gas service and high-pressure applications.


Ball Valves
Model 63
Two-way ball valves, available in brass or stainless steel, are used for full ON/OFF service and provide exceptional reliability in a quick acting, full-flow design. Unique top-loaded TFE packing seals gas tight at high or low operating pressures. The TFE packing fills all voids within the valve body, eliminating internal cavities where process fluids can be trapped. As a result, fluids and contaminants are not carried over when the system is cleaned or changed.


Check Valves 
Model 64
Check valves permit gas flow in one direction only. Commonly used at the regulator outlet to prevent the return flow of gas into the regulator, they open quickly and are bubble-tight against back pressure.


Pressure Relief Valves 
Model 65-44MM
Model 65-44MM adjustable relief valves protect your instruments and systems by releasing excessive pressure. Typical applications are in laboratories, research facilities and process gas streams.