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Gas Manifolds

Uninterrupted gas flow

Gas manifolds increase safety by eliminating gas cylinder and pressure regulator handling during cylinder changeout. Our gas manifolds are completely compatible with all Air Liquide regulators, ensuring that your specialty gas is always delivered contaminant-free.

Please note that gas manifolds are designed to distribute a single gas from two or more cylinders. Never mix gases in a gas manifold as injury to personnel or damage to equipment may result.

Available products

Single-Station Manifolds
Model 8100
Our single-station manifolds (with a bracket and 24" flexible stainless steel pigtails) provide a safe, cost-effective means of connecting and changing out cylinders. They are available in single- or dual-cylinder configurations.


Header Manifolds

PDF - 57.41 KB

Header Manifolds
Model 8200
Model 8200 header manifolds provide a safe and cost-effective way to connect multiple high-pressure gas cylinders to the same gas supply line, increasing both gas storage capacity and flow rate.


Regulator Safety Mounting Brackets
Model 8RM
Regulator mounting brackets help organize work areas, improve safety, and ensure gas purity by eliminating the installment of a regulator directly onto a gas cylinder valve.