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Gas Detection for Specialty Gases

Detect gas accumulation

Air Liquide offers a variety of equipment designed specifically to detect accumulating gas in your workplace, including SNOOP®, two versions of the compact Air Check monitor, and fixed gas detection equipment. Air Check Oxygen Monitors detect when low oxygen levels are present in confined spaces. The Dual Air Check version continuously monitors low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels. Both models alert you when the workplace may be unsafe because of accumulating gases. 

Available products

Air Check Oxygen™ Deficiency Monitor
Model O2000
This unique and compact oxygen monitoring system from Air Liquide can be installed in any confined space where inert gases might accumulate, including gas storage areas, freezers, confined spaces and other locations where low oxygen levels may pose an asphyxiation hazard.


Dual Air Check Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide™ Monitor
Model O2CO2000
The unique and compact dual monitor from Air Liquide is ideal for continuous monitoring of both oxygen and carbon dioxide gases simultaneously to alert and protect personnel from entering potentially hazardous situations where inert gases may accumulate. This includes nitrogen gas storage areas, carbon dioxide beverage gas distribution areas, confined spaces, and other locations where low oxygen or elevated carbon dioxide levels may pose a health hazard.


Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector
Model 46SN
Snoop with Snooper tube detects many types of gas leaks, even those in hard to reach areas in industrial and laboratory applications.


Gas Leak Detector
Model 21070
This gas leak detector easily and quickly pinpoints gas leaks emitting from pressurized systems. Utilizing a thermal conductivity detector, it responds to any gas mixture with a thermal conductivity different from that of air.


Single Channel Wall Mount Controller
Model Beacon 110
Low cost fixed system controller for one point of detection. A sensor can be mounted directly at the Beacon 110 housing or can be wired remote from the controller.


Four Channel Wall Mount Controller
Model Beacon 410
Simultaneously displays the gas type, readings and status of four channels. Accepts Direct Connect sensors for LEL, O2, H2S, CO and CO2. Includes audible alarm with silence feature.


Stand Alone Transmitter
Model M2A™
Explosion-proof gas detector and stand alone transmitter. Available for LEL, H2S, CO, O2, and IR for LEL and CO2.


Intelligent Gas Detector
Model GD-70D
A sample-draw gas detection transmitter can be used as a stand-alone device or can be integrated with Beacon controllers. Includes sensor technology offerings such as hydrogen-specific or LEL versions and a number of communication protocols.


Direct Connect Sensors
Sensors Only and Sensors with J-box
Highly reliable and cost-effective gas sensors for the detection of common gas hazards and are available for LEL, H2-specific LEL, LEL IR, O2, H2S, CO, CO2 and a variety of toxic gases. Can be mounted directly to the controllers as a complete stand alone system, or they can be mounted to explosion-proof junction boxes for remote detection.


Hydrogen-Specific Sensors and Transmitters
Direct Connect, S2 and M2A
LEL or ppm detection ranges are available. The 2000 ppm sensor has the ability to detect leaks 20 times smaller than standard catalytic sensors.


Diffusion Sensor/Transmitter
Model S2
Highly reliable and cost-effective gas sensor/transmitter for the detection of common gas hazards including LEL, H2-specific (LEL and ppm), O2, H2S, CO, and a variety of toxic gases. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Explosion-proof versions come with flame arresters and water-repellent coating. S2 transmitters are designed to interface with all Beacon controllers or with PLC/DCS systems.