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Gas Detection for Industrial Gases

Improving workplace safety

Air Liquide’s gas detection equipment alerts and protects you from accumulating gases in the workplace. We offer two versions of the compact Air Check Monitor for gas detection. Air Check Oxygen Monitors detect when low oxygen levels are present in confined spaces. The Dual Air Check version continuously monitors low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels. Both models alert you when the workplace may be unsafe because of accumulating gases. 

Available products

Air Check Oxygen™ Deficiency Monitor
Model O2000
This unique compact oxygen monitoring system can be installed in any confined space where inert gases might accumulate. This includes gas storage areas, freezers, confined spaces and other locations where low oxygen levels may pose an asphyxiation hazard.




Dual Air Check Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide™ Monitor
Model O2CO2000
This unique compact dual monitor is ideal for continuous and simultaneous monitoring of both oxygen and carbon dioxide gases to protect staff. It is suited for nitrogen gas storage areas, carbon dioxide beverage gas distribution areas, confined spaces and other locations where low oxygen or elevated carbon dioxide levels may pose a health hazard.

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