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Flow Measurement

Controlling flow rates of specialty gases

Air Liquide offers several solutions to ensure the flow rates and purity of your specialty gases at the point of use when controlling the gas flow rate in your application is critical. Our offer includes flowmeters, low-flow purge meters and flow controllers.

Available products

Variable Area Flowmeters 
Model 28
Model 28 high-capacity flowmeters offer a means of measuring a greater volume of gas than our other variable area flowmeters.

65 mm Variable Area Flowmeters
Model 30
Model 30 variable area flowmeters have a 65mm flow tube and a single float. The flow tubes read directly in standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), standard cubic centimeters per minute (SCCM), or standard liters per minute (SLPM) of air. The flow tubes are replaceable. These flowmeters are available in an aluminum or stainless steel construction, with a stainless steel metering valve.


150 mm Variable Area Flowmeters
Model 31
Model 31 flowmeters are an economical method of indicating and controlling gas and liquid flow for general plant and laboratory applications.


Low-Flow Purge Meters
Model 32
Model 32 purge meters are designed as a practical approach to low flow rate indication of noncorrosive gases at the lowest possible cost.


Acrylic Flowmeters
Model A32
Model A32 flowmeters provide an exceptionally economical means of measuring low flow rates of noncorrosive gases and liquids. Built to provide years of reliable service, these flowmeters measure flow at low pressures with +/-5% accuracy.


Mass Flow Controllers
Model GFC
Model GFC thermal mass flow controllers are compact, self-contained flow controllers designed to indicate and control flow rates of gases.


Mass Flowmeters
Model GFM
Model GFM thermal mass flowmeters are compact, self-contained flowmeters designed to read flow rates of gases.