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Flow Measurement

Critical control for flow rates of industrial gases

When controlling the gas flow rate of your application is critical, Air Liquide offers several solutions to guarantee flow rates and purity of your industrial gases at the point of use. Our offer includes flowmeters, as well as flowmeter and flow gauge regulators.

Available products

Gas Flowmeters
Model 10
Our Model 10 flowmeter delivers accurate measurement of gas flow for gas shielded arc welding and general laboratory applications.

Carbon Dioxide Ambient Vaporizing Flowmeter Regulators
Model 32
This two-stage carbon dioxide ambient vaporizing regulator is designed to handle the gas phase withdrawal of carbon dioxide from non-siphoned tube cylinders.

Shielding Gas Flowmeter Regulator
Model 65
The construction of Model 65 incorporates a regulator and flowmeter into one compact unit, accurately controlling and measuring shielding gas flows up to 70 SCFH.

Shielding Gas Flow Gauge Regulator
Model 60
This compact regulator accurately controls and measures shielding gas flows up to 60 SCFH.

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