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High-performance gas for cutting

FLAMAL™ Gases are specialized gases used for oxy-fuel applications including welding, cutting and heating. The stable, propylene high energy fuel gas, is a cutting-edge alternative to acetylene, propane, blended fuels and natural gas.

When used for cutting, brazing, metalizing and heating applications, FLAMAL™ combines the best performance characteristics of acetylene with the safety of propane to produce superior results.

Related Supply Modes

FLAMAL™ is offered in 24, 57, 95 and 400 pound cylinders and in 1,000 to 10,000 gallon bulk storage tanks.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide offers a comprehensive line of industrial grade equipment for use with gases commonly used in welding, cutting and other industrial applications.

Related Services

Air Liquide provides training and online reference materials for compressed gases and gas handling equipment to help you safely and efficiently handle gases at your facilities. In addition, i-SEE safety surveys are available to review and improve how you use, store, transport and distribute cylinders of compressed gases on-site.