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Air Liquide in the value chain


Landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions in the U.S. and are designated as greenhouse gas sources that must be monitored and controlled. We manufacture Scott™ brand methane calibration gas standards as EPA protocol gases designed to help you comply and accurately measure methane emissions from a landfill. Air Liquide's MEDAL™ biogaz membrane system offers a uniquely simple way to process biogas and landfill gases and selectively separate methane and carbon dioxide and recover valuable methane.


Equipment for specialty gases




Why choose us?

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    Compliance experts

    Scott™ brand EPA protocol gas mixtures from Air Liquide provide the highest levels of performance, reliability and confidence for meeting EPA environmental compliance regulations.

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    Unique production technologies and ISO-accredited facilities ensure product reliability.

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    Innovative technologies

    Proprietary ACUBLEND™ technology ensures cylinder-to-cylinder and shipment-to-shipment repeatability across numerous locations. 

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    Industry experts

    With proven industry knowledge, we can advise on enhancing performance and efficiency in gas use for treatment of water, air and solid waste. 

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    R&D support network

    We rely on our global network of application experts, engineering and research and development teams to provide the optimum solution for a given need.