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EMIXAL Shielding Gas

Substantial reduction of weld spatter

EMIXAL™ consists of a precise mixture of argon and oxygen shielding gases, compliant with AWS 5.32 / ISO14175 standards. It targets yields a substantial reduction of weld spatter compared to other welding gases. EMIXAL is designed for short circuit, spray and pulsed spray in semi-automatic, automatic and robotic gas metal arc welding (GMAW) applications.

GMAW welding with EMIXAL in spray mode of metal transfer yields both a high deposition efficiency and deposition rate. With high deposition efficiency, less wire is wasted and less labor is required for post-weld clean-up. With a high deposition rate, the welding speed can be increased to reduce variable costs.

EMIXAL’s benefits include:

  • Reduced weld spatter
  • Reduced post-weld clean-up
  • Increased welding speeds
  • High deposition rates
  • High deposition efficiency
  • Excellent weld profiles
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Improved weld economics
  • Reduction in overall fumes

Related Supply Modes

EMIXAL comes in pre-blended compressed gas cylinders for limited consumption. For large volumes, EMIXAL can be supplied in a pre-blended bulk liquid argon and oxygen mixture, which is stored in a single tank for superior composition accuracy and stability. This eliminates the need for an added storage tank of a secondary gas product and a gas mixer.

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