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DATAL gas management and telemonitoring


Gas management telemonitoring services

Air Liquide’s DATAL™ gas management telemonitoring services are offered alongside our bulk gas supply solutions. Our unique proprietary computerized systems connect to your bulk tank installations to monitor levels and initiate automatic reordering.

Customers may opt for extended supervisory controls which include:

  • Gas consumption monitoring
  • On-screen consultation
  • Web access to system data


Our iDATAL™ management supervisory real-time monitoring system offers a 24/7 remote window of observation to key production variables featuring a powerful, user-friendly reporting and dashboarding interface tool. The secure system archives data for full traceability and look-ahead trends reporting, and is an effective information tool to identify areas of improvement and verify the results of corrective and preventive actions and improve performance.


DATAL™ Mail provides snapshots of vessel levels, consumption, or other historical file information. Data is emailed to you in daily, weekly and/ or monthly intervals. Data can also be used as input into your accounting system.

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