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Our DATAL™ brand features a range of web-based gas management telemetry systems that provide an accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective means of tracking your gas usage and supply. DATAL ALert™ is a web-based, real-time cylinder gas and liquid management system that allows you to continuously monitor your cylinder gas assets while they are in use. With our customized web application, DATAL ALert seamlessly collects, analyzes, formats, transmits and reports your critical cylinder gas data 24/7. iDATAL™ is a member of our family of iDATAL services for real-time monitoring provides remote access to monitor and explore production efficiency and performance. It transforms the data collected into actionable information to improve productivity, efficiency, throughput and costs. If you purchase gases in bulk or produce them on-site with one of our gas generation systems, this service is ideal for you.

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