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Cylinder Storage and Accessories

Preventing gas-related accidents at the source

Improper compressed gas cylinder storage can cause serious workplace hazards. Gas users must be aware of the dangers associated with storing and using compressed gases, including potential for causing asphyxiation, flammability, toxicity and high-pressure hazards. Gas leaks due to improper handling, regulator failure, mechanical stress and corrosion are common in many industrial and laboratory facilities. Hazardous and corrosive gases such as hydrogen chloride, chlorine and ammonia should be isolated from the workplace to minimize staff exposure to toxic leaks. Safe cylinder gas storage is also addressed in federal and local OSHA building and fire codes.

Air Liquide can help protect workers by preventing gas-related accidents at the source. We offer a variety of cylinder storage equipment and accessories that help you maintain safety in your workplace. Efficiency, safety, performance and long, accurate service life are the hallmarks of equipment from Air Liquide. Next day shipping is available for most items.

Available products

Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets 
Model 9-1SC
Gas safety cabinets are designed to provide a safe and cost-effective means of isolating hazardous gas cylinders from the surrounding workplace. The cabinets can safely store one to four standard size compressed gas cylinders.

Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets for the Laboratory
Model LGSC 

Our expanded-size laboratory safety cabinets provide a safe and cost-effective means to isolate hazardous gas cylinders from the surrounding workplace and protect cylinders and delivery systems from accidental contact, unauthorized handling and tampering.

Cylinder Security Cages 
Model 9C
Compressed gas cylinder storage security cages provide a convenient way to store high-pressure cylinders safely and securely. Features include OSHA-compliant firewalls, forklift bottoms, lifting ears and more.


Cylinder Racks and Separators
Models 84CS and 84PCS
Cylinder racks and separators provide a convenient means to organize gas cylinder storage.


Heating and Insulating Cylinder Jackets 
Low-temperature environments can cause some gas mixtures, such as hydrocarbon standards and EPA protocols, to condense and therefore compromise mixture accuracy. Our cylinder jackets protect these gas mixtures when exposed to low temperature environments. The cylinder jackets also have a self-limiting heating cable that prevents overheating.


Analog Cylinder Scales 
Model 88LC
The Model 88LC liquid cylinder scale is a cost-effective way to keep track of liquid gas usage.


Cylinder Hand Truck 
Model 82
Single and double-cylinder hand trucks are designed for easy and safe transport of compressed gas cylinders.


Cylinder Wall Bracket 
Model 84W
This cylinder wall bracket is made of rugged cast aluminum. Its compact contour design allows compressed gas cylinders to fit firmly along the support edge. A 1" (25mm) wide nylon strap has a nickel-plated nonslip spring catch and buckle for fast adjustment. The bracket can support cylinders up to 14" (356mm) in diameter. Recessed mounting holes are located in each end of the bracket for easy wall mounting.


Cylinder Bench Bracket 
Model 84B
Gas cylinders can be safely secured to most benches and tabletops with this cylinder bench bracket.