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Cylinder Brackets

Providing safe and secure mounting

Air Liquide provides cylinder brackets so you can safely secure compressed industrial gas cylinders when in use or storage. Our selection of cylinder brackets includes models that can secure one to three compressed gas cylinders.

Available products

Single Cylinder Wall Bracket with Nylon Straps
Model IG-AWBA1
Wall brackets are fitted with a nylon strap with buckles, allowing for fast adjustment. Recessed mounting holes are located in each end of the bracket for mounting to a wall or any vertical surface.

Single Cylinder Wall Bracket with Safety Chain
Similar to our IG-AWBA1 model, this product includes a sturdy safety chain for added security in case of fire.

2-Cylinder and 3-Cylinder Wall Brackets
Models IG-AWBS2 and IG-AWBS3
Fitted with steel reinforced polyethylene edge guards, these brackets will safely support cylinders up to 12" OD. Each includes straps with nickel-plated steel, non-slip spring catches and buckles for fast adjustment.

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