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Cryogenic Equipment

Equipment to safely deliver cryogenic gases to their point of use

To facilitate the storage, transport and use of cryogenics cylinders, Air Liquide provides the accessory equipment you need to safely use and handle cryogenic gases in cryogenic cylinders. Our selection includes safety cryogenic whisper valves, cylinder carts, cryogenic transfer hoses, phase separators, fill elbows and brass SAE adapters.

Available products

Cryogenic Relief Valve Silencer
Model IG-CWV Whisper Valve® Cryogenic Relief Valve Silencer
Most cryogenic relief valves issue a loud bang when activated that can startle and even frighten employees, causing disruptions in normal work flow. Our whisper valve installs easily on the existing vent valve of any cryogenic container to quietly relieve pressure at a pressure level that is set slightly below that of the standard installed valve, thereby significantly decreasing activation blow-off noise.

Cryogenic Cylinder Carts
Models IG-CC4W, IG-CC3W and IG-CCP4W
A variety of cryogenic cylinder carts are available for single cryogenic cylinders, including carts with pneumatic wheels, easy front loading, or flat platform. All three carts provide easy maneuverability.

Cryogenic Hoses
Model IG-CHS
Built with 316 Stainless Steel for all wetted parts, these cryogenic hoses have a maximum operating pressure of 500 psig.

Fill Elbows

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Fill Elbows
Model IG-CFE
The 90° fill elbows for cryogenic hoses connect to containers to prevent over bending and abrasion. They have a maximum operating pressure of 500 psig.

SAE Flare Adapters

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SAE Flare Adapters
Model IG-CF
Brass SAE flare adapters for cryogenic hoses are available for argon, nitrogen and oxygen service, with a maximum operating pressure of 500 psig

Phase Separators

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Phase Separators
Model IG-CPS
Use our phase separators to eliminate splashing and increase efficiency when filling dewars. Phase separators have a maximum operating pressure of 500 psig.

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