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ChangeOver Manifolds

Eliminating pressure fluctuations, outages and waste

Changeover systems from Air Liquide provide a continuous flow of gas and liquids to your application. When the primary source is empty, these changeovers automatically switch to a secondary supply, thus eliminating pressure fluctuations, outages and wasted gas.

Available products

High-Purity Primary ChangeOver Systems
Model 8ACS
Model 8ACS changeover manifolds provide a continuous flow of gas between primary and secondary or backup supplies. This model incorporates two diffusion-resistant regulators with packless inlet valves that allow supply banks to be completely isolated. Available in either brass or stainless steel.


High-Flow Primary ChangeOver Systems
Model 8AS
These high-flow automatic changeover manifolds are perfect for gas delivery applications that require an uninterrupted high flow of gas. Designed to provide 50 SCFM of nitrogen, this unique design can be used in applications such as blanketing or filling vessels that require a high flow of gas.


High-Purity ChangeOver Systems
Model 8RCS
These high-purity changeover systems provide a continuous flow of gas between primary and secondary or backup supplies. The Model 8RCS features a built-in line regulator that ensures constant delivery pressure and dual diffusion-resistant regulators with packless inlet valves. These are incorporated to allow the supply banks to be completely isolated. Available in brass or stainless steel.


Model 8AE
Model 8AE annunciators provide a simple, compact, easy-to-use method of alerting operators when the pressure inside a vessel has fallen below a desired level.


High-Purity ChangeOver Systems
Model 8404
These changeover systems combine diffusion-resistant regulators and diaphragm-sealed valves to create a compact gas delivery system in a panel mounted enclosure. The 8404 series includes high-pressure inlet and vent valves, allowing for isolation and complete removal of entrapped air and moisture from startup or after a cylinder changeout.


Electronic ChangeOver Systems
Model 8404E
This fully automatic changeover manifold controls gas delivery from two independent banks of cylinders. Changeover between banks occurs automatically when one bank is depleted, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted supply of gas. The 8404E model also features an integrated circuit that electronically monitors and displays cylinder bank pressure as well as delivery pressure.


Liquid ChangeOver Systems
Model 8404L
Liquid changeover systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of vaporized gas from two or more cryogenic liquid containers. They allow the user to deplete gas in a container without worrying about gas outages and wasting unused gas as a result of premature changeouts via the built-in gas saver circuit.