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High-purity n-Butane

Air Liquide manufactures n-butane pure gas with up to 99.9% purity for use in a variety of applications, including chemical synthesis and flame gas. n-Butane is also available as part of various Scott™ brand specialty gas and liquid mixtures, including hydrocarbon chromatographic standards and ASTM blends, as well as in natural gas standards, including calorimetric, high-ethane, extended analysis, GPA and helium. When smaller quantities of gas are needed, n-butane can be found in two-component and multi-component gas mixtures in nonreturnable Mini-Mix™ Transportables, including paraffins and olefins mixtures, used in industrial hygiene and safety and laboratory applications.

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n-Butane Pure Gas Grades
n-Butane Gas Mixtures

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages n-butane pure gases and gas mixtures in a variety of low-pressure cylinders and high-pressure cylinders including stainless steel, lecture bottles, piston and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportables, depending on the grade of pure gas or gas mixture composition and your application.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment to deliver n-butane specialty pure gas and gas mixtures safely to your point of use, including gas pressure regulators, valves and gas manifolds.