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Brass Regulators

Safely reduce pressure in noncorrosive gas service

Brass pressure regulators are specifically recommended to reduce pressure in noncorrosive specialty gas service. The brass construction protects gas from impurities and ensures that the regulator has a long service life. Single-stage is recommended where inlet pressure does not vary greatly. Two-stage is ideal when constant delivery pressure is desired.

Available products

Nickel-Plated Pressure Regulators
Model 14
Model 14 pressure regulators are recommended when precise, low-pressure delivery of high-purity specialty gases is needed. The compact, two-stage design with nickel-plated brass construction protects gas purity and ensures long regulator life when used with noncorrosive gases.


General Purpose Pressure Regulators 
Models 202 and 209
These general purpose gas regulators have neoprene diaphragms that permit accurate delivery pressure settings.


Acetylene Pressure Regulators
Model 202-510A
This gas pressure regulator is designed specifically for acetylene service.


Chrome-Plated Pressure Regulators
Models 205 and 211
Models 205 and 211 gas pressure regulators are designed for high-purity laboratory applications involving noncorrosive gases.


Ultra-High-Purity Pressure Regulators
Models 318 and 3300
Models 318 and 3300 gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide provide excellent service wherever precise high-pressure delivery of ultra-high-purity specialty gases is needed.