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BOOSTAL™ Product

Innovative combustion solution for a more efficient melting process

BoostAL™ is Air Liquide’s automatic feedback control technology that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the melting process when melting scrap that is painted, coated or oily in a fuel-fired melting furnace.

BoostAL will help you reduce energy consumption and the overall environmental impact of your operations.

BoostAL monitors key melting process variables in real time and can provide a rapid, automatic combustion system response to more quickly and effectively oxidize charge-bound hydrocarbons as they evolve in the melting process. By oxidizing more of these hydrocarbons in the furnace, as opposed to post-combustion in the downstream ductwork, process thermal efficiency is improved and baghouse temperatures are reduced.

Air Liquide's expertise in combustion and heat transfer brings you all the benefits of advanced technology to reduce your process emissions and meet global climate change challenges. 


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