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Automotive Value Chain
Air Liquide in the value chain

Gas quenching

Gas quenching is an environmentally friendly alternative to oil or salt bath quenching applications. Associated with low-pressure processes such as carburizing, nitriding, annealing and others, gas quenching offers better control of distortion and limits post operations such as rectification. Primarily developed for high performance materials, gas quenching can be performed with nitrogen, argon, hydrogen or helium. Pure or gas mixtures may be used depending on the material specifications. More recently, the development of vacuum carburizing applications in the automotive industry has required high-pressure gas quenching furnaces with pressure up to 20 bars. Air Liquide has built expertise in the development of dedicated solutions.



Air Liquide has developed ALNAT HP, a high-pressure delivery solution that does not require a gas compressor and ensures a higher level of availability for your furnace.