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Automotive Value Chain
Air Liquide in the value chain


Carbon dioxide, an environmentally friendly blowing agent able to control all the properties of your foamed polymers with accurate carbon dioxide dosing and high reliability, can be used for expanded polystyrene, polyolefin or polyurethane foam. Carbon dioxide has proven to be the best blowing agent for foaming because it is safe to use and low-cost as compared to traditional blowing agents. Carbon dioxide is available in large quantities and, as a recycled product, is environmentally conscious. Air Liquide experts have developed accurate, bubble-free carbon dioxide supply systems that will allow you to produce cellular plastic parts while you control the properties of your final products.

Quality Gains:

  • Weight reduction and material savings
  • Improved insulation properties
  • Management of your products’ final properties 

Safety and reliability:

  • High safety standards
  • No fire/explosion hazards
  • Continuous availability of carbon dioxide at the necessary temperature and pressure
  • Environmentally friendly process